Friday, July 25, 2008

Well, here's a place i won't be for 9 days. Now, that's vacation!!! Oh, how i will miss the smell of urine and dead rodents.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Friday!

I've been bad about working out this week! This should give me some inspiration.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Oldie but Goodie

I was making a comment on Los's blog about Delaware County, I referred to it as The land of pizza, nifty fifty's, cheese steaks and isops. So I thought of this list I saw on an email a long time's hilarious. I could add some stuff and take some stuff away. It definitley leans toward the O'hara, Ridley,Interboro, Springfield crowd....Enchoy!
Someone who apparently knows Delco
Posted on Wednesday, June 29, 2005 2:37:54 PM by Tribune7

1. You've done extensive landscaping work during the summers.
2. You get annoyed when the snobs you work with in the King of Prussia area have no idea what a "twin home" or a "student loan" is.
3. It took you 5+ years to graduate from a state school (chances are you attended a satellite campus with the word DELCO in the title for the first two years).
4. You believe "bar crawls" a.k.a., a "Pike Hike" is something that is normal when you're well past your early twenties.
5. You constantly complain about going to the same bars and seeing the same people, yet when you venture somewhere "outside your realm", you huddle in the corner with your friends and talk about how everyone in this place is a tool/geek/spaz/etc.
6. You have a DUI.
7. Your father has mutliple DUI's.
8. Your source of "world news" is the DELCO TIMES....yes, that's right, the paper that had a snapshot from the Marple Newtown / Ridley field hockey game on the front cover the day after the Tsunami hit.
9. You know what a "day load" is....and better yet...... you know how to put one on and make it until 2 a.m.
10. You're sick and tired of explaining to people that you're not too old for Sea Isle. Don't apologize for the fact that you have no desire to go to Avalon and Stone Harbor and begin drinking at a "reasonable hour." I'll see you at the "No Shower" happy hour or catch you on the next Erin Express. If you don't what either of those are, you shouldn't be reading this list .
11. Not only does the following sentence make sense to you, it describes your favorite day of the year: "Today I'm taking the trolley from the Trophy Tavern down to the El to go to the parade." Say that sentence to one of those Episcopal/St. Joe's Prep/Malvern grads you work with and get ready for the most confused look you've ever seen.
12. You're a bartender (or you may be a 26 yr. old barBACK waiting for your "big break")
13. You have shared a bedroom at your parent's house with a sibling at a weird age (we'll ballpark this at 16 and above. very weird.)
14. You can't accept the fact that it's not normal to go out drinking hard on weeknights past the age of 22. If you don't believe me on this one, go to Maggie O'Neill's on any random Sunday night. Even though Monday is considered the busiest day of the week for normal people, this place looks like a god damn Mardi Gras.
15. The ratio of bars to bookstores in you neighborhood is 47:1.....not quite Bryn Mawr, huh?
16. You don't spend Thankgiving day with your family, but rather start drinking in the morning on your way to see your grade school football team play. Congratulations, you're not only an alcoholic, but your glory days go back to grade school. Even Springsteen wouldn't sing about this pathetic display.
17. You walked to high school. Tell this to the same person you talked to about reason #1 and watch their eyes cross as they squeeze the keys to their Saab.
18. You have no idea what's at the end of the Blue Route (does it even end?)
19. While some refer to traveling as "backpacking through Europe", your idea is more along the lines of going to Cancun about a decade to late when you're 27 and hanging onto your youth by the skin of your teeth.
20. When describing someone else from Delco, you say their name, state that you know them, say they're a good guy/girl, and then say their high school or the parish they're from. example, "yeah, John Doe, he's a good guy, Bonner/St. Bernie's guy, coaches football for (fill in Delco school here) and bartends at (fill in Delco bar here).
It's funny, I used to live in South Philly with BarbraPeapod, and alot of this stuff happens down there too. I always say delco is just an extention of Souffilly.

So, while i'm hangin out at my local bar this evening, after I consume my Zac's Burger (gotta go to the Eddystone location), I will do a shot in honor of Delco! And maybe have a late night cold isop.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Up late, watchin movies....

How awesome was she in "Steel Magnolias"?