Saturday, January 19, 2008

odds and ends/Happy Thanksgiving!

So, I have a 3 day weekend, YAY! I'm not really doing too much. I woke up at 1030 today. So, still i have not hit my 9am weekend wake up goal. Oh well. I like my sleep.

Sam the Butcher from the Brady Bunch passed away. So sad. He was 84. I guess he just couldn't give the meat away anymore. (i know theres something funnier i could say)

Today I made macaroni and cheese, it came out pretty good. I just think it's a little bland. I even put some bacon in it. I thought I had extra sharp cheddah, but i guess i didn't. I think that's what it's missing. Any thoughts to beef it up?

Los made asian chicken wings, they smell delicious. There were alot of ingredients, hopefully they'll come out good. I am also marinating a london broil, i'm going to cook it up like a brisket. Thanks Jess for the idea!! (hers was delicious, i hope mine is too)!

Barbrapeapod and I usually make Thanksgiving on MLK day,but we're not doing it this year. No big woop, we're both kinda not in the mood. Plus, I hate cleaning the turkey, It's disgusting.
Now, I just get the turkey breast. So sorry folks, Thanksgiving is not a holiday I will be taking over. I already have Christmas - I make filet mignon and some kind of seafood.

In fact, the reason we started MLK Thanksgiving, was because of the free turkey from the supermarket. So one Sunday after the Eagles lost in the playoffs, we started saying Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at the bar. We were sad about the Birds losing, but were excited to make a turkey and have an extra little holiday, and of course play 8 hours of Gauntlet on playstation. When we first started it, was back in the day when Barbrapeapod and DD were just "hooking up". When he left, he said, "See ya later and Happy Thanksgiving!" We just immediately started cracking up - no wonder she loves him!!!

So anyway, Have a great weekend and Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, January 12, 2008


So, i made a new years goal is to wake up before 10am on the weekends.I did it last weekend, but I woke up at 10:40 ish today. Hey, I like to sleep. How is it that i am that person on the train who reads 2 pages of a book and then pretty much passes out until my stop? And why is it that when I lay in bed, I can't fall asleep? I once fell asleep standing up. I was in a crowded church in Sea Isle City, NJ, there were no seats and we had to stand. I was in the ocean all day, I was tired. I woke up for Communion.

Anywho, i'm awake now and I have to start my day. It's "organizing weekend". It's the one weekend that Los and I don't have any plans (then we always get invited to go places, oh well, it's good to be loved). So soon it's off to the computer room to organize all the wires to our electronic stuff.

On TV, I found 2 episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 and 2 episodes of The OC. Jackpot!

Oh well, i'm rambling..... I just thought i should update my blog.