Monday, May 11, 2009

TV Week.

This week there's alot of good stuff coming to an end. I'm bummed!! I'm gonna let you know what I'll be watching:

Sunday night: The Celebrity Apprentice it was great, I'm psyched Joan won. I never thought I liked her, but I have a whole new respect for her. I had to replay Donald tell Annie she was fired like 10 times because the look on her face was great, she thought she was gonna win.
Desperate Housewives: good episode, I thought it was the finale but it's next week, should be a good one and it's 2 hours!

Monday: Dancing with the Stars semi finals...I still can't believe Lil Kim was let go!!! She was great to watch and I like Derek too. The Bull rider or the gymnast must go.
The Hills - Heidi and Spencer are just good TV. No, I'm no 13 years old.

Tuesday: The Real Housewives of New York Reunion Special, Apparently there's a part One and Two. I can't wait to see the fights! I'm counting down the minutes!
The Real Housewives of New Jersey: I also can.not.wait. for this one, these women are probably the most ridiculous bunch of all seasons, it looks great. There better be a fist fight.

Wednesday: Lost, enough said, I can't wait. I think it's a 2 hour episode. I don't know why it has lost viewers, it's great, they are answering lots of questions.
Real World Road Rules Challenge, Once again, I'm not 13 years old, I like this show, I mean they show the drama at the beginning, but I actually like the challenges, and there's always a good chance The Soup will make fun of it. They are really a bunch of idiots in a house together that drink too much and fight.Thursday: My name is Earle, I love this show. It's always hilarious but has a cute meaning behind it. The characters are just freaking hilarious, Randy and Joy have definitely made me laugh out loud.
The Office - Another show I can laugh out loud. Dwight might be my favorite, of course Michael Scott is fantastic too. Creed can usually make me laugh out loud too.
**new show on at 11pm, Southern Belles Louisville on the SoapNet. I looks like a Real Housewives type show.

Friday and Saturday....Nothing I watch on a daily basis.
Sunday -Desperate Housewives finale.

I'm gonna have to figure out my Summer schedule. There's "I'm a celebrity get me outta here" show i'll have to check that out, oooh and the Bachelorette!

Enjoy your tv watching this week! What will you be watching?