Monday, May 11, 2009

TV Week.

This week there's alot of good stuff coming to an end. I'm bummed!! I'm gonna let you know what I'll be watching:

Sunday night: The Celebrity Apprentice it was great, I'm psyched Joan won. I never thought I liked her, but I have a whole new respect for her. I had to replay Donald tell Annie she was fired like 10 times because the look on her face was great, she thought she was gonna win.
Desperate Housewives: good episode, I thought it was the finale but it's next week, should be a good one and it's 2 hours!

Monday: Dancing with the Stars semi finals...I still can't believe Lil Kim was let go!!! She was great to watch and I like Derek too. The Bull rider or the gymnast must go.
The Hills - Heidi and Spencer are just good TV. No, I'm no 13 years old.

Tuesday: The Real Housewives of New York Reunion Special, Apparently there's a part One and Two. I can't wait to see the fights! I'm counting down the minutes!
The Real Housewives of New Jersey: I also can.not.wait. for this one, these women are probably the most ridiculous bunch of all seasons, it looks great. There better be a fist fight.

Wednesday: Lost, enough said, I can't wait. I think it's a 2 hour episode. I don't know why it has lost viewers, it's great, they are answering lots of questions.
Real World Road Rules Challenge, Once again, I'm not 13 years old, I like this show, I mean they show the drama at the beginning, but I actually like the challenges, and there's always a good chance The Soup will make fun of it. They are really a bunch of idiots in a house together that drink too much and fight.Thursday: My name is Earle, I love this show. It's always hilarious but has a cute meaning behind it. The characters are just freaking hilarious, Randy and Joy have definitely made me laugh out loud.
The Office - Another show I can laugh out loud. Dwight might be my favorite, of course Michael Scott is fantastic too. Creed can usually make me laugh out loud too.
**new show on at 11pm, Southern Belles Louisville on the SoapNet. I looks like a Real Housewives type show.

Friday and Saturday....Nothing I watch on a daily basis.
Sunday -Desperate Housewives finale.

I'm gonna have to figure out my Summer schedule. There's "I'm a celebrity get me outta here" show i'll have to check that out, oooh and the Bachelorette!

Enjoy your tv watching this week! What will you be watching?


Los said...

My shows - Lost, 24, The Office, and Earl all end soon ... I guess I'll have to keep watching Ghost Hunters, UFO Hunters, baseball, and wrasslin.

Sandi said...

I too found myself routing for Joan Rivers.

El Padrino said...

real world road rules show is gold

Lisa said...

That's a stellar line-up, and you can be sure I'll be tuned in. I'm also watching a show on the Discovery Channel about a bunch of peole who got dropped on in the Alaskan wilderness and are trying to survive. There's no prize at the end, but I'm completely hooked.

Oooh, and I think Entourage starts sometime over the summer. Ha-nice!


Reverse said...

Joan won! What did she win?