Friday, April 24, 2009

OMG, an unattractive person can sing?

Ok, am I the only one getting sick of Susan Boyle, the Scottish singing sensation? I'm not sick of her, well, because I don't know her. I'm sick of the publicity she is getting. Now, I just read she got a new haircut. Who cares? What is the big deal?
So, she can sing. Are they making a big deal because she's not attractive and can sing? What the hell? Is it shocking that unattractive people can sing?
Oh well, good for her, she's getting attention for her singing and she doesn't look like Beyonce, Brittany, Rihanna, or Lady GaGa. I wish her luck, I just wish people would stop making a big deal that unattractive people can have talent.


Los said...

This is my whole problem with American Idol in general.

Sandi said...

Really--I mean Aretha Franklin can sing, too and she's unattractive.

Lisa said...

You're totally right. I think they had such great press over the Paul Potts phenomenon, they've miraculously found another unattractive person with a phenomenal voice. Isn't it ironic that a singing competition could find 2 visually unappealling people who can sing? Wow. Completely unremarkable. And wow, I'm sure it hasn't hurt their ratings either. .....babspeapod