Monday, June 30, 2008

The new table pic

Ahh, finally a picture of the new table and my lovely honey, with his fruity drink and pizza.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Didn't Fit.

So Los was ever so thoughtful and offered to buy me a table and chairs for outside on our deck. I was so happy! So our plan was to grocery shop, then take a ride down the tax free shopping state of delaware. Maybe even go to Total Wine to pick up stuff to make frosty drinks on a very hot day.
Well, we lucked out. The table I saw weeks ago was reduced to an even lower price. woo hoo! So we found a guy who worked there, he was really nice and went and got it out of the back. There were only like 3 left and there were alot of other people looking at it.

The guy brought it out, we got the last 4 director chairs and off we went to pay. We went out to the parking lot and we tried to get it in the car with the seats down, didnt fit. Then we tried to put it in the back seat, didnt fit. Then I said, why don't we take it out of the box. We did, didnt fit.

Our car is pretty big, too!

All we could think, was who could we call? Ray Ray lives too far, Kurt and Trish live close, but we know she had a college reunion or something going on. Then los called Nick and he didn't answer.

So, we decided it would be best that los would get my car. So first, I was going to keep the table top on the flatbed. Now we had taken it out of the box already so styrofoam is blowing all over the parking lot, I collected all the pieces, put it on the cart and stood in the parking space. Well, people started to get angry when they saw the good parking spot and there I was with a table top. So I decided to wheel it back through the parking lot and atleast sit on the bench in front of the store. I figured i could atleast people watch and get a tan.

The weather was strange saturday, it was sunny but rained a few times. So great, it started to rain. So I sat there on the bench with my table, sunglasses on, in the rain. All I could do was laugh. Then rain stopped and the sun was back out and i think i got a little tan. Atleast i dried fast.
So thankfully, after 45 mins. Los returned with my car. We loaded it in with no problem, but i had to hold the hatch back down with a rope for the 20 min ride home.

When i got in the car, i noticed we left the box on the flatbed...i said to los, "omg, i don't care, get in the car!!"

We passed the total wine store that we had planned to go to, but we were like oh well, that'll have to be another day. I knew we had beer and vodka at home, which i was realllly in the mood for after that fiasco.

But the table was easy to put together and looks really cute! Ugh, what a day! Needless to say, we sat on our new chairs and enjoyed yummy frosty vodka drinks and pizza! I will post pictures of the table later.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Post! TV sux

Sorry, I haven't posted in a while! I will post some pics from the wedding in Brigantine this weekend, I just have to get around to it.

It's "Operation Organization" at my house this week, probably because there is NOTHING on TV. I've seen all the HGTV shows, and I haven't really seen anything that I want to DVR, with the exception of Diary of a Call girl on Showtime and some show about the Amish kids on Rumspringa - that's when the Amish let their kids go hang out at Hershey Park and smoke and drink. Hmm, the more I think about it, I can't wait to watch that show.

I watched season 1 of Californication on Sunday, which is a Showtime series too. It's awesome! Hank Moody is the man!
Anyway back to "Operation Organization" - I need a shoe organizer that works. Los has his shoes on a wooden cd rack, I swear, it's probably the best one, it doesnt collapse like the metal ones you buy at target, bb&b, etc. it's just too high. I just dont like seeing the shoes when I walk into my bedroom. Any suggestions on a good one that doesnt fall apart when you put a shoe on it?

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Star Wars

Oh YAY! I did it, i found the pics on my broken camera! Yeah, it was an interesting day. Needless to say, we'll really have to think about going to another exhibit. First of all, the parking - there were a bunch of idiots running the garage. Then there was the problem with our tickets that we called ahead for, then the gross dude that was fighting with the security guards because He lost HIS kids. Whatta dummy. Other than that, here are some pictures from the exhibit.

My ride:

My Friend:

My other friends:

My wookie:

New Camera!

Los and I got a new camera!!
I broke our old digital camera at the Star Wars Exhibit. We had a bad experience there, but i'm over it now, so maybe i'll post 'em later.

Thursday, June 5, 2008



I'm a little frustrated today, for reasons I will not disclose on the world wide web. But the picture makes me laugh every time I think of it.