Sunday, June 8, 2008

Star Wars

Oh YAY! I did it, i found the pics on my broken camera! Yeah, it was an interesting day. Needless to say, we'll really have to think about going to another exhibit. First of all, the parking - there were a bunch of idiots running the garage. Then there was the problem with our tickets that we called ahead for, then the gross dude that was fighting with the security guards because He lost HIS kids. Whatta dummy. Other than that, here are some pictures from the exhibit.

My ride:

My Friend:

My other friends:

My wookie:


Los said...

Looks like that last picture was of the "Wookie of the Year...."

I'll be here all week!

Kelly said...

Oh my Los!

Lisa said...

the wookie monster

The Rev said...

My goodness

Wackadoodle Extraordinaire said...

New post, we need a new post Schue!

The Manic Street Preacher said...

Howdo Schue.

Los sent me. Please don't divorce him. I forced him to ;-)