Thursday, April 2, 2009

So it's that time of year, it's my birthday!! Yay, that's always fun!

I don't have a job, I don't have kids, I dont't have a lucrative 401k, i have a low self esteem about myself right now but, guess what I DO have:

1. A wonderful husband. Wonderful can't explain what he is,he makes me laugh, he is my best friend, my cheerleader,my teacher, my Everything!!!!!!

2. Lisa - my best friend, she is beautiful, smart, really funny, and tells it like it is. She don't fool around. And also my partner for fine dining.

3. My parents.. They really shouldn't be number 3...they are the ones who taught me how to be me! And thankfully, they made me into be a pretty darned good person, I think! They taught me alot. One was to never judge people, and also to never screw over you friends for a boyfriend. Because your friends will be there longer than a boyfriend. And they were right! I was always annoyed about my friends in high school that ALWAYS had to have a boyfriend. Well, I was never a "boyfriend" girl.

Another thing I learned from my parents is: "Well, do your friends like him?" And guess what it means ALOT to me to date a man that my friends like because, my friends ARE my family. Well thank Goodness, Karl was "friend approved".I guess I was too.
Karl has a ton of friends that approve of me that I love too!

I think i have babbled enough......I love my husband, my parents and my friends! Happy Birthday to Me!


Los said...

Aww shucks!!!

Lisa said...

Wait, we're supposed to be writing nice things about YOU on your birfday .... but if you want to say nice things about us, who's to stop you?! haha Anyway, that was very sweet of you, and I'm looking forward to our back-to-back DOFs. Today: the Kobe carpaccio, sushi, and fancy champagne drinks ... tomorrow: mani, pedi. And then ... THEN .... LaCroix.

You, Schue, are better than any Jimmy Choo!!! .... babs

schue said...

Well, i'm just thankful for the important things on my b-day like love and friendship, i'll stop being sappy now....i'm alot nicer unemployed, i'll get back to my grumpy ways when i get a job. hahahaa.

Sandi said...

Happy Birthday. Mine is the 11th.

El Padrino said...

happy belated

well read hostess said...

Add Cuban food to the list. You also love cuban food!