Saturday, January 12, 2008


So, i made a new years goal is to wake up before 10am on the weekends.I did it last weekend, but I woke up at 10:40 ish today. Hey, I like to sleep. How is it that i am that person on the train who reads 2 pages of a book and then pretty much passes out until my stop? And why is it that when I lay in bed, I can't fall asleep? I once fell asleep standing up. I was in a crowded church in Sea Isle City, NJ, there were no seats and we had to stand. I was in the ocean all day, I was tired. I woke up for Communion.

Anywho, i'm awake now and I have to start my day. It's "organizing weekend". It's the one weekend that Los and I don't have any plans (then we always get invited to go places, oh well, it's good to be loved). So soon it's off to the computer room to organize all the wires to our electronic stuff.

On TV, I found 2 episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 and 2 episodes of The OC. Jackpot!

Oh well, i'm rambling..... I just thought i should update my blog.


Los said...

Schue, if sleep were an Olympic Sport, you'd win the gold medal!

Lisa said...

What were you doing in a church in Sea Isle ... repenting for having so much fun on the beach drinking that someone had to check himself into rehab??? ... Babs Peapod