Friday, December 14, 2007

Family Feud

So TV has been pretty bad these days, but thankfully, the Family Feud is on from 9-10. I love it. The Host is John O'Hurley aka J. Peterman from Seinfeld. I watched him on Dancing with the Stars and loved him so much I had to go see him in "Chicago" on Broadway. He was great.
Of course you can never forget the best host ever, Richard Dawson. Hilarious and so un-p.c. I'm surprised he wasnt smoking a cigarette, but atleast he could smoke and drink on The Match Game. So anyway - here were a few question/answers Los and I saw last night and had tears rolling down our faces!

1. The longest time you have watched TV - 10 mins.
2. Name something you would find in a operating room - A phone.
3. Name a special event when the family gets together for a photo - Photography
And the best one of all last night was.......
4. Name a book you use as a reference often - Dr. Spock

C'mon, does a Dr. Spock book actually exist? The other person said dictionary. Why would Dr. Spock be the first thing that comes out of your mouth? So, screw the library and internet....I'm just going to use my Dr. Spock book as a reference guide.

Any funny answers from the Family Feud you can remember?


Los said...

Ah, the Family Feud - certainly the best host was Dawson, but the new guy is good.

They should have a retarded family feud, so we can get even better answers!

Lisa said...

Oh, you know my favorites:

Name something you take to a beach ---- a turkey.

Name something you find on a bed ---- "spanket."

Classic!! And congrats on the blog, I dig it!!