Sunday, April 13, 2008

Birthday Pics!

So the birthday celebration was fun! Lots of drinking and carrying on. I think everyone had a good time, I sure did! Thank you Everyone for all the nice gifts too! Honey, thanks for cleaning up the mess!

This pic is Friday night. Which one of these things is not like the other? This was a really good idea for a photo at the time.
Later on that evening, we sat around the fire...that's los's, barbrapeapod and my feet.
I've got my Ugg boots on, Sneakers are comfy, but my feet are on vacation when I have them on!

Then the party was on Saturday and I hired a bartender, Drew, who I work with. He made some awesome drinks and shots! It's a headless pic, but i had to get a picture of his short tie.

I liked my outfit, but a few people thought i had a puffy shirt on. I thought I looked like pirate.

The batteries in my camera died, so i didn't get too many pictures.
I hope you enjoy!


Los said...

I think we have pics of Johnnay puking, too ... can't have a good partay without a drunken Johnnay.

Lisa said...

Johnnay did the technicolor yawn, literally! Ew!!!

I think I've got some pics too. Will do some checking and post what I've got.

Great party! .... Barbra Peapod

El Padrino said...

fine camera work dear