Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! Leftover Turkey

I better get on the eliptical...the eating season begins! Thanksgiving is Thursday - I can't believe it! I'm pretty picky about turkey dinners, i'm picky about how the stuffing is done, gravy kinda grosses me out unless I make it, but I like the actual turkey and mashed potatoes and veggies. I really like string bean casserole too. I will be some kind of broccoli and cheese thing to Los's parents house, where we just had turkey on Wednesday night...everything except the cauliflower! I think if I began to host Thanksgiving, I would make everything wednesday and have the delicious opened face sandwiches on Thursday, that's the best part! So anyway, if i can get my hands on some white meat - i think i'll make Hot Browns. The Hot Brown is some delicious concoction that The Brown Hotel in Louisville, KY came up with in the 1920's. It's toast, turkey, tomatoes, bornay sauce (cheezy bechamel) and yes, bacon. Los, please make extra bacon. So....what are you doing with your leftover turkey?


Lisa said...

OMG, that looks delicious!!! In fact, I'll be eating it most of December when I'm back in Kenchucky for work. One of my magazine (Family Circle, I think) has a recipe for a Hot Turkey Sandwich with Mornay Sauce .... basically a Hot Brown on Bread. I can't believe I just publicly admitted I read Family Circle.


Los said...

Ummm ... yeah ... I can DEFINITELY make bacon for this!

I actually love cold turkey sandwichs the next day ... put some onions and hot peppers on it - yum!~

SGM said...

Hot Browns!
I saw these on Bobby Flay one night - they look super yummy!!!