Sunday, February 17, 2008

Atlantic City, gambling, food.

So Los and I went to Atlantic City, unfotunately, I will be returning to work due to unforseen gambling losses.

We hit a lot of traffic on our way down there, so we were almost late for dinner. We went to Morton's Steak house. I thought it was way too pricey. Don't get me wrong, the steak i had was delicious...but not for $39.00. It ended up being a $200 dinner! Without dessert! Not that we're big dessert eaters anyway. But there was bernaise and hollandaise on the table...I could bathe in any sause that ends in an "aise".

I would've gone to Pickles, the chicken noodle soup is delicous and they have great deli sandwiches and we are usually comped. I guess i'm more practical these days. Don't get me wrong, I love fancy stuff, but I can make a steak at home. But anyway, I had a great time with my hubby and a wonderful Valentine's day!

Last night Johnnay came over and we went to the bar, Durty Nelly's that's up the street from us. Once again, due to unforseen gambling losses, i put 5 bucks in for a fifty fifty (the people in South Philly would say, fidee fidee) and we lost. But anyway, we had a good time and John said some funny stuff. Apparently there is a wine called "Pinot Nowhere". We woke up Sunday morning and made a big breakfast... we tried to do some last minute invites, but nobody could make it.
Oh well, next time. I realized there are no places near us, in delco, that have brunch, like with mimosas and blood mary's. So the next time we have off on a monday, expect an invite for brunch!



Lisa said...

peeno nowhere?!?!! bahaaaa! that johnnay sho is crazy! glad yous guys had fun in ac. ..... babs peapod

Los said...

Johnnay also used to always go to the 7-11, and get a Big Glub ... He's so funny.

I had a great time in A.C. too, cutie!