Thursday, February 14, 2008

Writer's Strike/Basement Furniture

I know, I know. I'm sorry I haven't written in a while. I don't have too much to say. I'm not a great story teller.

We got new basement furniture. It looks really nice, and most important, it's comfy. I clean the whole upstairs when we're expecting people over... but where do they go? Straight through the kitchen and right down the steps to where there's 2 tv's, a bar, dart board, karaoke machine, guitar hero, about a thousand cds and most important these days, the Wii.

I got stopped by a cop this morning in the subway.....ahahaha, I bet that sounded good. He and his wife were on babara and my dart team. I always forget his name, but hey, He's a Philly cop and it's a dangerous town right now, so thanks for workin hard out there, Sgt. Niceguyfromdartswhomi'vemetathousandtimesandforgetyourname!

Los and I have a long weekend this weekend(presidents day). We took off on Friday, so we're celebrating Valentine's Evening in AC. We're having dinner at Morton's in Ceasars and staying at Bally's. It should be fun, I hope we win big, or atleast our dinner, or maybe just our parking.
Then its back home on Friday - we have no plans yet and that doesnt bother me one bit. We usually end up getting a million offers to do something, and sometimes we zero offers and that doesnt bother me either.

I'm thinking about having a birthday party for myself, i'm not gonna go nuts making food like barbarpeapods christmas party. I want to relax and look fabulous and have food made for me (that means finding a good caterer). What do you think of a house party? And any good places in Delco to order from?

I think i have bored you long enough....Schue

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Los said...

Maybe we can start planning the party today or tomorrow, cutie! It will be tons of fun, I'm sure!