Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bar Tour!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day! It's on a Monday, which is stinky, but that's why it was celebrated yesterday. I know in Lisa's neighborhood in South Philly, it's a month long celebration. They've got some Irish pride down there. I think its safe to assume that there is a shamrock on every door or window.

I took my camera with me yesterday to document the tour and I will admit there are some funny things at the fine establishments here in Delco.

First of all, there is a blarney bus, yellow school buses that go from bar to bar, but we just get on the Septa bus. It's two bucks, and is on the same route. So, our first bar was Dino's, it used to be Julies, and Los knew the bartender, I think he knows the owners too.

Pictured above is Kimmy and Alissa, who we spent most of the day with. Los and I took the bus to this bar and met them there. Kurt came and met us, so we got a ride to the next bar. As soon as we got into his car, we heard German Polka music, so we listened to it til we got the next bar. We went into Haggarty's, but it was mobbed, so we walked over to RP McMurphy's, we got a beer but didn't stay long, that was also mobbed with 21 year olds.

Our next trip was to The Frontier Saloon. Now that's quite a place. The popcorn machine was not working, but there were other things to see, as i will show you. Pictured above, is the sign, Draft Beer to go...WHAT?!?!? Do they give you a pitcher?

Also, at The Frontier Saloon, there's the Native American Girl picture that is lit up and every 15 minutes, get this, the scarf comes off and she's naked!! That's probably what gets their regulars coming back.

Oh and yes, there are animals on the roof. That's the horse, but there's a bull and something else on the other side.

Los and his brother Kurt at the first bar. And below, Nifty Fifty's. It was across the street from the bus stop.

Nice, a FORTY! This was on top of the shuffle bowl game, I'm not sure what this ancient piece of technology this is.

This also at the frontier, a condom machine in the ladies room! The first one is a bikini condom which is made slimmer for a tighter fit, the second in the rough rider, and the last one is the French Freedom Tickler, it's designed to tickle your fancy!

Brandon came to meet us....I got to tell him what I said, "You gotta eat your bread crust, It'll make your eyes curly and your hair blue".

Hmmm, something else questionable, An ape selling cheese steaks?

We ended up on the blarney bus, it happend to stop at the septa bus stop and they let us on.

We ended up at Della Polla's, always the favorite bar, and not too crowded. Karl, Kimmy and Brandon played pool. We then headed to the Milmont aka the Milmonster. I didn't get any pictures there, all i know is that I was chowing down on all the ham on the buffet table, I got into some soft pretzels too. Hope you enjoyed my tour of Delco. Did anyone do anything St. Patricks Day celebrating this weekend?


Los said...

Yay - you got to upload pictures!!!

It was a fun day/night. I'm still amazed at the wonderful beer selection at the Frontier, even though the clientele is still the same old clientele.

Lisa said...

Aw man, I'm bummed I missed it. You have to take me to the Frontier sometime ... you know I love me some wacky!!!!... Babs