Thursday, March 13, 2008

WINGS - My Favorite TV Show

It was Roy's birthday on Jan. 29th. So this is a belated Happy Birthday Blog
Happy Birthday Roy!

Roy Biggins: I'm going to teach that kid everything I know.
Helen: What's he going to do the second half of the day?

Roy Biggins: You know what I do when I have a problem with a woman?
Antonio: Deflate her?

Joe Hackett: Lowell, where you going?
Lowell Mather: Oh, to clear my mind.
Roy Biggins: Shouldn't take long. One good sneeze ought to do it.

Antonio: This song I learned in Italy. For awhile it was the only English I knew... My goat knows the bowling score, halleluiah...
Helen: It's "Michael, row the boat ashore".
Antonio: No!

Helen: [Helen is leaving Lowell in charge of the restaurant counter as she heads out of work early] You sure you're gonna be okay with everything, Lowell?
Lowell Mather: Aw, yeah. Don't you worry about a thing; you just go off and have a wonderful time. Where are you going, anyway?

Helen: Uh, I would really rather not say.
Lowell Mather: Aw, come on.
Helen: Well, if you must know, I'm going to see my OB/GYN.
Lowell Mather: Fine, be that way. I'm having dinner with my M-o-m-m-y.


Los said...

Wasn't Roy's b-day on February 29?

Certainly a momentous occasion - I can't believe there wasn't more hype surrounding this!

Lisa said...

All hail Roy Biggins! I have a bunch of episodes saved on DVR ... perfect for the next DOF.

.....Babs Peapod