Sunday, March 23, 2008

Places to eat in delco.

So Los and I have not been to the supermarket in a while, so its kinda slim pickins round here. Well, atleast there is a large containter of cheese balls, and a Brita filter in my snack cabinet.
So we've kinda been on a restaurant tour. We were off on Good Friday. So we started out by going to breakfast the The Countryside Deli in Swarthmore,
No meat for us, cause it was Good Friday, so I had a cheese omelette, and they had fantastic potatos, i normally don't even eat the potatoes. The place is really cute, and they have a great coffee selection.
So we went to Olidators (National Wholesale Liquidators) that's where the cheeseballs came from, c'mon, how can you pass them up? By that time we were hungry again. So I said, "How bout ISOP from Double Decker?" Now these are not the usual In side out pizza, because they are fried! I don't get these too often, obviously cause they're fattening, but hey, every once in a while, right? So when you eat the part with no cheese or sauce, it's still delicious cause it's fried bread, yum! I don't have a link to that, but for those of you locals round here, it's right in the center of Ridley park, by the train station.

So, Saturday, wake up, eat second ISOP for breakfast and realize, that we still don't have any food, so I suggest going to the new Thai place up the street. Buppha Thai. I thought it was delicious. It was not that cheap, but it's a BYOB, which is always makes it cheaper. Oh and clean too!

Then, Happy Easter! Sunday we went to Easter Brunch with My mom and dad, and my sister's family. It was really nice, They had an omelette station, which is always delicious. Oh, this was called Meridiths in Berwyn, now I dont think that's delco, but it's not that far.

So, that was my tour of the restaurants I ate at this weekend! A few other places we love is Nora Lee's cafe, another good place we love. It's byob and a cajun restaurant. The soup and bread is delicious. There's usually no need to get an entree.

Ahh, then there is the ol Frontier Salon. Los told me that the beer selection is excellent. We were there on our St. Patrick's Day bar tour that I mentioned in my previous post. I suggest you check out the website, they have some pretty funny pictures of the wierd stuff in there.
Happy Dining in Delco! I'll mention more as I go out to eat!


Los said...

Why is it that all of these trendy "brunch" places, are so small? Also, the floor plan was awkward. Still, the food was great!

Kelly said...

Gosh Sue - how do you stay so thin?

Thanks for the links!

Lisa said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Nora Lees. We go for work lunches sometimes -- which is great because it's too dark to see anybody. Bahaaaaaa!

Your mad photography skillls are pretty amazing. I need a lesson ... my pics are all trapped in my camera.

.... Barbra Peapod

Lisa said...

Oh, and I'm gonna try the pants-r-hotties at Double Decker ... sounds delish! ... Babs

Steve and Des said...

Thai is a major staple in our diet. There are so many on the Main Line that it's hard to list our favorites, so instead, I'll just mention that fresh young coconut juice is the best (non-alcoholic) drink in the world!